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  • Edinburgh’s Military Tattoo

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    Edinburgh is a city known for its festivals. All summer long, there is one festival after another in the city, attracting many visitors and allowing the city to show its diversity. One of my favorite festivals is the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. The first time someone mentioned the Tattoo to me, I had no idea what that meant. And I still don’t think I fully understood it until I had a chance to see it for myself. It is spectacular!



    The Tattoo is an incredible evening production that features musicians, precision performers, military bands, and cultural acts from around the globe, as well as pipes and drums from Scotland. Add dramatic lighting, projections onto the side of the 17th century Edinburgh Castle, military pageantry, and maybe even some fire. Think: Olympic Opening Ceremony with a uniquely Scottish flair. Set against the backdrop of the Edinburgh’s Castle’s Esplanade, it is just as much celebration as it is thrilling show.


    The Castle Esplanade, where the event takes place.


    My favorite act was the massed pipes and drums: a tremendous number of pipers and drummers playing and moving with military precision around the Esplanade. Have you ever heard hundreds of pipers at once? Equally as impactful was the lone piper who closes out the ceremony each evening.


    My picture of the bagpipers doesn't really do the experience justice.


    Each Tattoo has a different theme, and the performances are unique each year. This year’s theme is Kaleidoscope.“Exploring colour, music and light, the 2019 Tattoo is inspired by the optical invention created by Scottish physicist Sir David Brewster in 1816.” The Tattoo is August 2-24, 2019.


    Using the Castle walls as a projection backdrop.


    The best way to see the Tattoo is with a tour group that purchases a block of seats in the grandstands. You’ll get excellent seats and have all of your transportation considerations taken care of. No need to figure out where to park, how to get tickets, where the entrance is, or what time you need to set out for the walk up the Royal Mile to the Castle. You’ll probably also have a hotel within easy walking distance so that you will be in your comfortable bed not too long after the Tattoo ends.


    Globe Travel advisors can you help you visit Scotland and experience the magic of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. There are still some options available. Contact us to plan your Scottish adventure!



  • The Latest Trend in Business Travel

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    The last time you took a business trip, did you extend your trip by a day or two to enjoy a little bit of R&R before heading back to work? If you did, you’re part of a growing trend in travel: bleisure travelers. Yes, it’s a word. Employees are increasingly blurring the lines between professional lives and personal lives, and that is reflecting in their travel as they combine leisure activities with business trips.



    Bleisure travel can be a few different things: taking an extra day or more in a destination to enjoy the local sights, inviting friends or family to join you for part or all of the trip, or even just ending your work day early so you can get a couple hours of sightseeing in a new destination.


    Employers are recognizing that this opportunity creates greater wellbeing among employees, and many are embracing bleisure travel by offering more flexibility and travel-friendly policies. After all, an employee who is able to bring along his/her family and spend some time making memories, is much more likely to be happier with the travel requirements of the job. Anyone who is up for a mini-adventure can turn a work trip into a bleisure trip.



    Tips for bleisure travel:


    1. Try to schedule your work responsibilities for a Monday or a Friday. This makes it easier to tack on a weekend before or after your work.


    2. If you have an option of different locations for your work, choose the one that most appeals to you for personal travel so you can incorporate some leisure time into your trip.


    3. If your trip requires you to travel long distances, consider routing your trip to accommodate a stopover in a city you’ve always wanted to visit.


    4. Research things to do in the destination in order to determine if you can soak up some of the local culture in your non-work hours or if you should spend an extra day or two.


    5. Know your company’s travel policies. Some companies are more bleisure-friendly than others. Make sure you know what is OK and what is not OK. For example, if your work responsibilities have you flying home on a Friday, is it OK to fly back on Sunday instead? Does your company trip insurance cover you on personal days or only on work days? Can a friend or family member join you for part or all of your trip? How do you handle personal expenses vs. business expenses?



    Your travel advisor at Globe Travel can help you make the most of your business trip by booking accommodations for those extra days, finding flights that give you time in the destination of your choice, and planning activities and excursions to enjoy.



  • Happy Father’s Day

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    Father’s Day is right around the corner. Have you gotten the father in your life a special gift? If you’re still searching, try the gift of travel. All you have to do is put a note in your Father’s Day card, call an advisor at Globe Travel, and let us handle the details for you and that special father. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


    For the golfing dad: If St. Andrews in Scotland is too extravagant for your golfer, there are excellent golf resorts in the US that offer plenty of play, as well as luxury accommodations and experiences.


    For the outdoorsy dad: Book a weekend at a rustic lodge and spend some time fly-fishing for his favorite catch or hiking at a National Park.


    For the motorhead dad: Take him on a thrilling getaway where he can ride along with a NASCAR driver or even drive a car himself. Maybe you should drive the rental car home so Dad doesn’t get a speeding ticket!


    For the foodie dad: Choose his favorite city for food and drink, and spend the weekend treating him at all of his favorite restaurants. You might even want to try a cooking class or brewery tour. Some of our favorite food cities include San Francisco, Chicago, and New Orleans.


    For the diving dad: Treat him to the dive site he’s always wanted to go to. Our diving clients love Grand Cayman and Bonaire.



    No matter what your dad loves to do, Globe Travel advisors can help you find a memorable getaway that lets him enjoy his favorite pastime while spending time with you. Bring us an idea and we’ll give you a trip to remember with dear ol’ dad!




  • Traveling with Medications

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    We’ve all heard the travel advice to keep your medications in your carry-on bag when you travel. Here are a few other tips for traveling with medications:


    * Keep prescription medicines in their original bottles with the labels.


    * If you are flying, you are permitted to take liquid medications in quantities larger than the 3.4-oz. allowance. It does not need to be placed in the quart-sized zip-top plastic bag.


    * If you are traveling with medications or medically necessary liquids, inform the TSA officer and keep those items separate from your other belongings so that they can be screened separately. Also keep with your medications any accessories associated with your liquid medicine, such as syringes or ice packs.


    * Make sure you have a phone number for your doctor and pharmacy when you travel. It is also a good idea to take a list of all your medications with you in case you need to be seen by a healthcare professional who is not familiar with your medical history.


    * Always pack a few key OTC items such as pain relievers, antacids, and anti-diarrheal tablets.


    * Talk to your doctor about possible vaccines you may need, based on the location of your travel. Plan ahead for this. Some vaccines need to be given four to six weeks prior to departure in order to be effective.


    Planning ahead and using these tips can help make your next travel adventure go a little more smoothly.



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