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  • Group Travel

    10/11/2019 10:40:33 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment


    You know the old saying “the more, the merrier.” That is so true with travel. The only thing better than a vacation is a vacation with more friends and family! Vacationing together = laughing together and making memories together.



    One of my favorite things about group trips is that each person can customize activities to suit him/herself. You’ll have people who want to lay on a beach all day, and those who hate the feeling of sand. You’ll have people who loves casinos and others who think gambling is just giving their money away. Group vacations give everyone permission to do their own thing. And then you all get to share your experiences when you come together, generally for meals. Another great feature of group vacations is the opportunity to go somewhere new for everyone and have a shared experience, like a tour in a foreign country or a cruise to a new destination.


    Vacation companies are very welcoming to groups and often offer discounts. Yes, getting a group of friends or family to go on vacation with you can actually save all of you some money! Groups also sometimes get extra amenities, like a special dinner or cocktail hour, or onboard credit on a cruise. So there are plenty of benefits of group travel, besides the opportunity to have a vacation with some of your favorite people! The biggest benefit of all is reserved for the group leader. The group leader often gets an even greater discount.



    If you’re interested in getting a group of friends and family members together for a fantastic vacation, contact us! We’ll help you plan an extra special experience and negotiate some great rates and perks for you and your group. In fact, now through January 30, 2020, Globe Travel is pleased to offer group leaders an additional $150 off their trip—over and above the discounts and perks we negotiate—for groups of 12 or more.


    I am going to take a break from the blog for a couple of weeks and go on my own vacation. But do call or email us; someone is always in the office to help you!




  • Real ID

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    You might have read or heard some news articles recently about Real IDs and you may be wondering if you are impacted. The short story: you probably are compliant and don’t need to do a thing.


    The long story: The Real ID Act of 2005 established minimum security standards for driver’s licenses. The Act also prohibits federal agencies from accepting non-compliant licenses for the following tasks: accessing federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft.



    For most people, this means that if you typically use a driver’s license as your form of ID to go through the security checkpoint in an airport, your driver’s license must be Real ID-compliant. Virginia is currently offering Real ID licenses. Check your license to see if it has one of these markings:



    If it has one of these markings, your license is compliant and you won’t have any problem using it to board a plane. If it does not have one of these markings, then you should do one of two things: either upgrade your license so that it is Real ID-compliant or use another accepted form of ID for boarding a plane, such as a passport.


    October 1, 2020 is the deadline for having a Real ID-compliant license. If you present a non-compliant license beginning on that date, you will not be permitted to pass through the security checkpoint or board your plane.



    You have 362 days to get a new license—if you need one. Chances are, you already have a compliant license from Virginia and/or you have a passport that you can use instead of using your license. But if you don’t have a compliant license or a passport, you should use your 362 days to get a new license that is compliant. If you have additional questions, check out the FAQs from the Department of Homeland Security here:


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