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  • Happy New Year!

    12/27/2019 3:37:27 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment


    As we approach the end of the year—actually the end of the decade—it is time to reflect on the past and to look forward to the future. What were some of your favorite memories from the past year or even decade? We hope that some of those memories involved spending time with those you love while traveling!



    You may think that we sell travel, but what we really sell is time together and special memories. We try to remember that with every client: Every. Single. Client. Your vacation is more than just flights, hotels, and cruises. We aim to give you a memorable experience, not just reservations.



    It has been our joy to help our clients plan fantastic vacations that give them memories for a lifetime. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming year. As you look ahead to 2020, what memories do you want to make? And where do you want to make them? To give you some inspiration, we’re sharing Google’s top travel search destinations from the past year:


    10. Costa Rica
    9. New York
    8. California
    7. New Orleans
    6. Alaska
    5. Mexico
    4. Las Vegas
    3. Bora Bora
    2. Japan
    1. Maldives


    What destination is at the top of YOUR list for next year?





  • Happy Holidays!

    12/20/2019 9:21:11 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment


    All of us at Globe Travel wish our clients, friends, and partners the happiest of holidays this season. We hope that you get to enjoy spending time and making memories with loved ones.



  • Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor

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    As we get ready to wrap up 2019 and start a new year, we hope you are already thinking about your travel plans for 2020. Maybe some of you are thinking that you can look up a few things online and plan your trip that way. But I hope more of you are thinking that you need to give us a call! Here are a few of my favorite reasons why you should use a travel advisor:


    1.  Our services are generally free! Travel consultants are usually paid by the companies you book with, so tapping into our knowledge and expertise generally doesn’t cost you a thing. Not only do you get our services for free, but we can sometimes save you money, meaning that you are getting a whole lot more by booking with us than you get when you book yourself.



    2.  We relieve your stress. Whether you’re trying to plan a romantic honeymoon or a multi-generational family get-together from multiple states, we put it all together for you and make recommendations for a relaxing and stress-free vacation. If you’ve ever booked flights to the wrong airport code or ended up in an expensive taxi for a 3-hour drive, then you know the value of having a travel consultant plan the details.



    3.  We save you time. Yes, there is a lot of information available online about vacations, but have you noticed how much of it is quality information or even accurate information? We have access to the most up-to-date information about all things travel, and we make recommendations for the perfect vacation for you, based on what you‘ve shared with us about your vacation dreams. This means you don’t have to spend your valuable time sorting through a lot of wrong, hoping to find a something that’s right.



    What are you waiting for? Give our professional staff a call today, and let us start turning your vacation dreams into reality. We look forward to working with you in 2020!



  • Winter Travel

    12/6/2019 10:23:35 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    We often think of summer as the classic time for vacation. But traveling in winter has its joys, too, especially when cabin fever sets in and you are eager to be more active. Traveling can be the perfect cure for the winter blues! After the holidays, airfares and hotel rates can drop, providing an excellent opportunity for a mid-winter getaway. Here are some considerations and recommendations for a winter trip.


    Cold Weather Locations

    Maybe you’re the type who loves the crisp feel of cold air and snow, just not being stuck in the house because of it. If you want to enjoy all that winter has to offer, you might consider a ski vacation or a getaway to a northern city where a layer of snow and ice makes everything in the city more magical. Here are recommendations from Globe Travel advisors:


    New York: Just a train ride away, New York City offers something for everyone. And—bonus—in the winter, you can ice skate at Rockefeller Center.



    Harbin, China: Home of master ice carvers, Harbin celebrates snow and ice with a festival each January. Marvel at the snow sculptures and the lighted ice sculptures on a scale like you have never seen before!



    Rocky Mountain Resort areas: Locations like Whistler, British Columbia and Aspen, Colorado offer gorgeous scenery, excellent skiing and other snow sports, and some local culture too.



    Warm Weather Locations

    Maybe you’re the type who can’t get warm in the winter and is longing for sunshine and fewer clothing layers. Heading somewhere a little more tropical might give you an opportunity to pull out your swimsuit and relax on a warm beach. Or at the least, to get away from the harsh temperatures of winter and enjoy some local food and culture in a new place. Here are recommendations from Globe Travel advisors:


    Southern California: Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of cities like Los Angeles and San Diego, or something more quiet and laid-back like Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, there is plenty of warmth and sun to make you forget about cold temps at home.



    Florida: From busy theme parks to secluded beaches, Florida has it all.



    New Orleans: This is a must-visit for food and music lovers, and going when the humidity is lower makes it even better.



    Hawaii: If you’re looking for a longer vacation, Hawaii is a perfect winter vacation spot. The weather here is consistently comfortable. Explore all of the natural beauty that the islands have to offer.



    Whether you’re a snow bunny or a beach bum, there’s a winter vacation spot for you! Let us know what you love, and we’ll help you find the perfect spot for your winter getaway.



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