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    There was the time my mom fell and broke her foot in Scotland—just an hour after we got there. Then there was the time when I got really sick on a cruise ship and had to see the ship’s doctor. And, really, there are plenty more vacation mishaps I could bore you with. All of these put a major damper on vacations. But fortunately, they weren’t catastrophes that caused us a tremendous amount of stress. Part of the reason why we were relatively stress-free in these unfortunate situations is because we had travel insurance. We knew that we had support.


    Travel insurance covers a lot. The two main reasons that I buy travel insurance:


    1. To reimburse me for upfront costs if I have to cancel a trip—or even part of a trip. This came in handy in Scotland. When my mom broke her foot, she had to spend the first day with it on ice and elevated, which meant we had to cancel a day trip to the Isle of Skye hat we had planned and paid for. Travel insurance reimbursed us for the cost of that missed tour.


    2. To pay for medical expenses that my health insurance won’t cover. Does your health insurance cover medical expenses incurred in another country or on a cruise ship? Mine didn’t; most health insurance doesn’t. Travel insurance fills that gap and reimbursed me for the costs billed by the ship’s doctor.


    In addition to these two reasons, there are other benefits that most travel insurance offers. For example, reimbursing you if you need to buy clothes because your luggage is significantly delayed, air lifting you off of a cruise ship if you have a medical emergency, and providing assistance services for things like medical provider referrals and situations of identity theft.


    The biggest benefit from having travel insurance is peace of mind. So don’t forget it when you are planning your vacation.


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