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  • Sneak Peek: Major League Baseball

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    I’m going to let you in on what I think is the best kept Florida vacation secret: Spring Training. Spring training games offer you a chance to see Major League Baseball teams play in smaller, more accessible venues. Enjoying a spring training game with a hot dog in hand under the warm Florida sunshine is a little slice of Americana.


    Fortunately for baseball fans, Florida spring training parks are almost all located near beaches. When your neighbors are shoveling snow and shivering in early March, you can be relaxing at a beachfront resort and enjoying the first baseball games of the season. You only need to choose: Atlantic beach or Gulf beach. You can stay for a few days or for a week at a great resort and be within easy driving distance of 3-5 stadiums, where they play games almost every day.


    Prefer the desert over the beach? Lots of teams also do spring training near Phoenix, which is famous for lavish golf resorts and spas.


    Details and Recommendations


    Getting there: There are plenty of convenient airports close to spring training stadiums. West Palm Beach on Florida’s Atlantic coast; Tampa and Fort Myers on the Gulf coast; Phoenix.


    Staying there: Beach resorts area the way to go for your spring training vacation in Florida. In Phoenix, enjoy the pampering of premium golf and spa resorts.  


    How long: That depends on your baseball to beach ratio. How much time do you want to spend enjoying the beach and Florida attractions? How much time do you want to spend watching baseball games? You could catch a game a day if you are a real fan. The spring training season is short: from the end of February through the end of March.


    Don’t miss: Getting an autograph or a photo of players before or after the game. In spring training stadiums, players are very accessible to fans.


    Contact: Globe Travel at 434-296-0171 or to help you find a great resort and a convertible to enjoy the sunshine as you drive from one stadium to the next!



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