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    7/24/2020 8:33:08 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment


    We know you’re looking for safer travel options in this time of COVID. We also know, though, that many of you love the convenience of escorted tours or cruises. We’ve started to see an interesting trend in small group travel options that is worth mentioning: private tours with your own friends and family.


    It used to be that private tours were exclusive and expensive. A number of tour operators are now offering private options that are much more affordable so that you and those within your bubble can travel together more safely.



    Imagine sailing around the British Virgin Islands for a week. Your catamaran comes with a skipper to take you to private coves and secluded coastlines. Enjoy the tropical breezes while you sail along the azure waters of the Caribbean. With a maximum of 8 guests, this is the perfect way to enjoy a safer vacation. Invite 7 other people from your bubble, and enjoy time together and away from your home. Other sailing expeditions can have you on a dhoni in the Maldives, a yacht in Greece, or a catamaran in Thailand. There are plenty of sailing options for a small group.



    Many tour operators are now also offering private versions of their popular escorted tours. You have the ability to customize them to suit the tastes of your small group. No large groups or big buses for you. Travel with trusted friends and family instead. Want to see all of Costa Rica? We can arrange a private tour for that. Safari in South Africa? North to South Vietnam? Hiking in Patagonia? All available for small group travel of approximately 6-12 people. The beauty of this approach is that it is completely customizable. You can make it a solo private tour, or you can have a bigger group. We work with tour operators that will do it all for you. The most important thing is that you are traveling with people you feel safe with and want to see the world with.



    Now that private tours are more available, they are more affordable than you think and can be a great alternative to large escorted tours or cruises. Are you thinking about who is in your bubble, or where you could all go together? Give us a call and let us know what you’re thinking, and we’d be happy to find a private tour that will be a perfect match for your unique interests.



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