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  • Value of a Travel Advisor, Part 3

    7/31/2020 9:36:24 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment


    A few months ago, I did a couple of articles about the value of a travel advisor and the wide array of services that we provide. With what has been happening in the travel industry lately, I thought I might expand on that topic a little bit in a COVID-related post. Almost everyone in the US has had their travel plans for 2020 changed. One of the things that we have been hearing from our clients over and over is how much they appreciate us navigating the changing landscape of policies, insurance, and closings. Our clients have talked to friends who have booked on their own or used internet sites to book, and they are spending hours trying to reach someone in a call center, hoping they can help them. For our clients, it is a much easier process where they know that we are going to look out for their best interests and find the best possible solution to a difficult situation for everyone.



    Every travel supplier’s policy is different. There is one policy if the client cancels the trip, and another policy if the supplier cancels the trip. And both of those change with regularity. Sometimes the amount paid is nonrefundable and clients receive credit toward a future trip. Sometimes the amount is refundable and clients need to be patient to receive a refund. Sometimes there is a change fee or a cancellation fee, and sometimes those fees are waived. As travel advisors, we work hard to stay on top of these changing policies so that we can advise you of all your options and help you make the best decision for your specific situation.



    Another area where we stay on top of the changing information so you don’t have to…is closings. Right now, much of the world is closed to American visitors. Those openings and closings change, just like tour operator policies. For example, Puerto Rico opened to visitors on July 15, and about a week later asked visitors to only come if their travel was essential. Puerto Rico has re-closed most non-essential businesses and beaches. Bahamas did something similar. After opening to visitors, they are now restricting travel again. Some locations are permitting travel, but requiring COVID test results that may be difficult to get—and may make your trip impossible. For Globe Travel clients, we stay on top of what is happening in your destination so that we can give you the guidance you need about your upcoming trip.



    If you’re a Globe Travel client, you know how hard we’ve been working for you, navigating you through all of the changes that are happening daily in the travel industry. If you’re not a Globe Travel client, and if you’ve been frustrated by trying to figure out the status of your vacation and what your next move should be, let us help you plan your next vacation. We can remove a lot of that stress and frustration. We know what is going on in the travel industry, and providing outstanding, personal service is what we do each and every day!



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