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  • Long Fall Weekends

    10/16/2020 9:46:15 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment


    If you weren’t able to go on your annual vacation this year, you’re not alone. One trend we’ve been noticing is people taking long weekend trips as getaways rather than one big vacation. Staying closer to home, driving, and trying to avoid crowds are all priorities for those looking for a nice long weekend of escape.



    The beauty of doing this in the Fall is literally the natural beauty of the changing seasons. There are some gorgeous trees out there right now. If you’re thinking that a weekend getaway might be good for you, then it’s time to go—while the weather is gorgeous, the trees are putting on their annual show, and the crowds have thinned.


    Here are some suggestions for destinations that we think are just perfect for the months of October and November. They are generally within driving distance of Charlottesville, offer an opportunity to unplug and can give you plenty of space.


    * The Omni Homestead, VA: An upscale country resort, this place has amenities galore, such as a fantastic spa, golf, trail rides, hiking, fishing, archery, and more. If you want to see peak colors, you need to go ASAP.



    * Hershey, PA: The sweet smell of chocolate lets you know you’ve arrived. Hershey Park is open most weekends in October and November. With a variety of accommodations and activities, a weekend here could be whatever you want it to be: an upscale, relaxing getaway or a fast-paced, kid-friendly break from the ordinary.


    * Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC: This gorgeous hotel offers exceptional service, a subterranean spa, and golf in a quiet mountain setting. Asheville is a wonderful small city with lots of opportunity for outdoor activities, such as hiking and leaf peeping. Go right away for peak colors.


    * Ocean City, MD: This normally crowded and busy summer beach city is quiet and slow this time of year. I just returned from Ocean City, and it was glorious. The weather was warm and sunny, perfect for spending time on the beach, the boardwalk was nearly empty, and we got all the best beach food with no waiting in lines (fries, caramel popcorn, fudge, and ice cream). There is also outlet shopping, golf, and delicious dining in the area.



    These destinations are perfect for a long weekend, and they all take advantage of the Fall season with natural beauty and/or fewer crowds. And they’re easy! You won’t need to fly to get there. We can help you find excellent accommodations in all of these locations, as well as some activities that will give you a chance to enjoy the very best of the area. And if you think you might prefer to rent a car rather than put miles on your own, we can help you with a great car rental too.



    Let us know what you’re thinking for a Fall weekend destination, and we’ll help you make the most of your limited time in a special place!



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